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Space Battle v0.0.2

This relies will make the game more Space Battle adding a descent news system. And a hi score system.

Chaining unit names to be more Space Battle.
adding news system
adding score system
adding high score
adding admin system:
-adding news
-delete news
-edit news
-spying at users
-delete users

Space Battle 0.0.1
This version is not the game. It is a game but not Space Battle. It is simply the easiest web strategy game you can make wit only a few extra features. It is simply a game for me to build on. Adding features and one day have a complete Space Battle on my hands. But don't take me wrong it is fun. Simple fun.

User login (done)
Register user (done)
Lost password system (done)
Status page (done)
Simple defending (done)
Simple building (done)
Simple attacking (done)
Deleting users (done)
Simple Tick system (done)
Design (done)
Language files (done)
Simple install script (done)